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Welcome to Key World USA, the locksmith and garage door repair and installation company dedicated to quality workmanship, committed to customer satisfaction, and with a passion for staying ahead with the latest industry technology. The security of your home or commercial business premises is what we are all about which is why we take it very seriously when we are assigned the task of protecting your safety and valuable assets.

At Key World USA, we are not just locksmiths, our highly skilled team of technicians are capable of installing security systems for all types of residential and commercial needs. When it comes to security there can be no room for error. When you trust us with your security requirements you can rest assured that we will make available to you our decades of combined technical experience and the latest in technological advancements to ensure that any security situation will be flawlessly handled with laser-like focus and keen attention to detail.

Key World USA’s Car, Home, and Office Lockout Service

There is worse than the sinking feeling you get when you realize that you have inadvertently been locked out of your own home, office or car. A good lock system is intended to keep your home or office safe from anyone who does not have a key. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be you when you have lost or misplaced your keys and are unable to enter without breaking in. You may have broken your key off in the lock, which means that you will have to call in a locksmith even though you may have a spare key available.

Call us for any locksmith emergency and we will immediately send someone out to help you get back in again.

Call a Professional Locksmith

Even though there are plenty of YouTube videos on the internet that teach you methods like using a screwdriver or bobby pin to pick a lock, home security systems are a lot different.

Chances are you will not achieve any success, but rather, inflict irreversible damage to the lock or door in addition to setting off the alarm system. Calling a professional locksmith will not only save you time but may also save you the expense of replacing the entire lock system.

Call us today for more information on how we can help you secure your car, home, or office and avoid the risk of being locked in the future.

Locksmiths make use of professional lock picking tools like pin-and-tumbler keys, bump keys, and lock picks to gain fast access without breaking the lock in the process.

With the nature of high-security locks today, you need someone who knows how to deal with the intricate mechanisms and extra security measures that manufacturers install to prevent lock picking.

Mobile Locksmiths

Being locked out of your home, office or car always comes with numerous problems. It seems that it always happens at the most inconvenient times.

It is highly frustrating when, for example, you are scheduled for a doctor’s appointment, the kids need to be taken to school, or you have an important business meeting that cannot be postponed and you are locked out of your car or it is locked inside your garage. In these circumstances, you can rely on the emergency services offered by Key World USA LLC locksmiths.

We have a mobile fleet of technicians on high alert ready to come to your rescue within a very short period. If you are locked out, especially at night, you can rely on us to get you back inside again in no time at all, even if it involves a complete lock replacement. Even with the latest technologies used by manufacturers to make it more difficult to duplicate keys, our technicians can produce keys for most cars on the road.

Quality Service Technicians for all your Car, Home, and Office Lockout Needs

Each one of our highly skilled locksmith technicians is fully licensed, bonded and insured and trained in the latest industry technologies to ensure that you receive the best quality locksmith services. Whether you need a broken lock fixed, help with an emergency house lock-out or a broken key extraction; there is no job too big or small for our expert locksmiths to handle. You can rely on us to take care of all your residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith requirements at an affordable price and we offer a service warranty on all our work.

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At Key World USA we understand that emergencies can happen at any time and how stressful it can be when you are locked out of your own home, office or car.

We would like to assure you that it takes just one phone call to mobilize one of our locksmith technicians to go directly to your location and put all your concerns and fears to rest. Lockouts are one of the most frequently requested services we receive and we know that in such situations customers want a quick solution carried out by a professional at a reasonable price.

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